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Ghostcrawler on Divine Storm

Ghostcrawler (Greg Street, World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer) just posted about Divine Storm. Included are musings on a possible change to the ability. We’ve been toying with a change to Divine Storm to make it more like Fan of … Continue reading

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Power Auras and You

I’ve a confession to make. I already have a level 80 Paladin. A pretty-boy Blood Elf. I rolled Adomas (previously named Alhamode, as a pun) at the start of Burning Crusade, when I was eager to try out the Paladin … Continue reading

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The Hallowed

Last year’s Hallow’s End had a crushing conclusion. Try as I may, I simply could not obtain the Hallowed Helm item to complete the Sinister Calling achievement; an achievement that was the last remaining piece of the overall Hallow’s End … Continue reading

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BlizzCon 2010

I originally planned to keep this blog Sunwalker-focused, but with the launch of Cataclysm still a month off I find myself without much to post about. So! BlizzCon! Hit the jump for my experience at BlizzCon 2010 and the Charity … Continue reading

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For Starters…

I appreciate the irony in the default header graphic WordPress has picked for me. A sunset. Pretty swell, but I’ll be changing it soon. I won’t be posting much prior to actually re-rolling Alhazad as a tauren paladin, but I … Continue reading

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