Ghostcrawler on Divine Storm

Ghostcrawler (Greg Street, World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer) just posted about Divine Storm. Included are musings on a possible change to the ability.

We’ve been toying with a change to Divine Storm to make it more like Fan of Knives. Specifically, you could use it whenever you want, for mana, but it would share a cooldown with Crusader Strike. It would have nothing to do with Holy Power (unless Divine Purpose still applied). The idea would be that sometimes you’re okay giving up the single target rotation of Crusader Strike -> Templar’s Verdict in return for being able to use an AE attack every 4.5 to 3 sec. It’s too early yet to know if this design will work out.

Divine Storm has a great visual and many long-time Ret paladins have a soft spot for it, so we’d like to get it back to more common use.

He’s right. I love Divine Storm’s visual effect, and it is a shame to relegate it to such infrequent use. Currently, when your Retribution Paladin reaches 3 stacks of Holy Power, you have a decision to make: if you are fighting a single target, you use Templar’s Verdict for a big whammy; if you’re surrounded by targets, you use Divine Storm. Both abilities consume the 3 stacks of Holy Power.

And in most cases, you’re using Templar’s Verdict. Losing those 3 stacks of Holy Power to do a smattering of Area-of-Effect damage just hurts. If this change goes through, we’ll have an easier time of deciding if we should use Crusader Strike and build one more guaranteed stack of Holy Power, or hold off on that and weave in a Divine Storm instead. Then we can use Crusader Strike when it is off cooldown again (the wait isn’t long) and continue building toward a big Templar’s Verdict.

I like it, and I like Divine Storm more than Holy Wrath. Though I suspect we’ll still be throwing in a Holy Wrath here and there.

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