New WoW Community Site

And “wow” is right! I like the new design. Integrating the Forums and the Armory with announcements, news, the game-guide, and more… what’s not to like? Rather than have all these disparate sites and designs, they’re brought together in one place. Great work!

Having met some of the behind-the-scenes guys at BlizzCon – and I’m talking about your techy folks, like the database guy, the server guy, the website guys – I get the impression they’re a little overshadowed by the game designers. It’s easy to get caught up in Chris Metzen’s lore or Ghostcrawler’s talent/ability changes and forget that Blizzard, like any company, has many employees and anything they do is a team effort. This new site really showcases the talent that exists in these teams, and it looks like everything will mesh nicely with your more “limelight” features like Community Manager updates, and fan artwork, and more.

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