One Night in Azeroth…

Last night was the last night my fiancee and I spent in the Azeroth of old.

We'll miss you, High Chieftain.

We spent the evening doing a little light roleplaying, starting in Nagrand and working our way to Thunder Bluff, mostly on our kodos. Our intent was to say a goodbye to Cairne, but as we arrived on the Bluff an elemental invasion broke out! We spent the next hour fighting alongside Bluffwatchers, Cairne Bloodhoof, and two members of the Ani Ayastigi – Icharus and Gorrin. Odok from the guild Winter Wolves was also going about the Bluff, RPing and lending his blade to the fight.

When the battle was done, Mishotah and I met with Cairne, had our picture taken, and said our farewells — as did many members of the Horde. We then hopped a zeppelin to Northrend and settled down beside a campfire in the ever-captivating Grizzly Hills.

What a great way to close out our time in Azeroth as-we-know-it.

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