Kor’kron Loyalist, and Thrall’s Horde

The Kor'kron Loyalist (image courtesy of Wowhead)

This post contains Cataclysm spoilers.

Something has been bothering me ever since my exposure to it in the Cataclysm beta.

When you play through the Goblin starting experience, you free Thrall from Stormwind Intelligence (SI:7) captivity. SI:7 attacked Thrall’s ship on its way to the Maelstrom. At the very end of the starting experience, Thrall gives you a sealed package to take to a “friend” at the docks near Orgrimmar.

This friend is a Kor’kron Loyalist. A loyalist is “someone who maintains loyalty to an established government, political party, or sovereign, especially during war or revolutionary change.” Clearly, this Kor’kron is loyal to Thrall’s government, not the current Warchief, Garrosh.

When you meet with him, he speaks with you in hushed tones. He reveals the package has a letter, which he smiles at but does not show to you, and a bloodied SI:7 badge. He then asks you to take this to Garrosh immediately.

Garrosh’s reaction is that he is stunned, and that he understands what it means. Nothing more is said of it.

(I also posted a version of the comments below to Wowhead’s entry for the Kor’kron Loyalist)

The nature of the SI:7 badge you are given to show to Garrosh has an interesting implication. Why did Thrall send a bloody SI:7 badge to Garrosh? Yes, SI:7 attacked Thrall in the Lost Isles… but it seems this emblem means something deeper. How did SI:7 know Thrall was going to the Maelstrom in the first place? By sending this bloodied badge to Garrosh, is Thrall saying “I know you tipped them off. I’ll be back, soon.”

This really seems to have more meaning than just a “here’s proof of Thrall’s survival.” Thrall could have given a letter alone, or some other item, to prove he is alive. Perhaps it means to indicate there is a spy within the Horde, but if you combine this with the bit of clandestine activity at the docks with the Loyalist — and with many quests bringing the division within the Horde to the forefront (“Garrosh-worshipers” and “Thrall-lovers;” the “old ways” versus the “new Horde”) — I honestly thing this is all playing toward a Horde civil war, Thrall devotees versus Garrosh lackeys.

It would also jive with what Metzen hinted at during BlizzCon 2010, with those who “love the Horde” having to “fight for it” and the “dark times will end.” There are many other hints in the game about the Horde turning down a dark path, and it being noticed by those with clearer minds (Tauren, for one)… and Varok Saurfang does have an old promise to deliver on…

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