Into the Monastery!

Mishotah and I blazed a trail through Scarlet Monastery last night. Sadly, we discovered not much had changed from Classic to Cataclysm.

One notable difference is how the dungeon quests are handled. As mentioned in an earlier post, you receive your dungeon tasks from quest-givers inside the instance. There’s no quest chains starting in, say, Badlands and taking you to Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal. You enter the instance, you’ll see quest-givers. Nice.

“We need to eliminate the Scarlet Monastery’s defenses before a true invasion can begin. Venture deep into here, their library, and assassinate Houndmaster Loksey and Arcanist Doan. They maintain the powerful defenses that protect their comrades.”

-Dark Ranger Velonara

Unfortunately, that means one of my favorite items in the game has been removed. That’s right, Hordefolk — the Sword of Omen is gone. This was a 1-hand sword quest reward in Classic (+TBC and Wrath) World of Warcraft. I’ve many fond memories of receiving and using this sword when I was leveling Alhazad as a Warrior, so many years ago. It is saddening to see that it is gone.

That aside, the quest rewards available for entering the Monastery are great. If you happen to do a run into, say, the Library, and Doan only drops his “caster” loot, you can still snag something like a nice Shield or DPS Leather Belt from the quest turn-in. Each “wing” of the dungeon has a quest like this.

Also, the Scarlet Key from the Library wing is gone. All four wings of the dungeon are open to you (though two are still behind doors) from the get-go. I suppose this also removes the need for the Scarlet Key later on in “live side” Stratholme.

Oh, and don’t forget to equip your city-specific faction tabards before entering! You can champion your race’s capital city by wearing these tabards (available at a vendor near your city’s Flight Master) and gain reputation for your kills. I relished the opportunity to earn more Thunder Bluff reputation while cleaning out the Scarlet Crusade!

All in all, the run was enjoyable. Very little of the dungeon has changed, so the nostalgia factor remains high. The Armory has its stash of fireworks for you to pilfer, and Herod still has his iconic shoulder-armor and his “Blades of Light!” Interrogator Vishas is still a creep, and Whitemane hasn’t lost her Chapeau.

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