The Milestone: Level 40

Level 40. I has it.

Last night was a cavalcade of Achievements and acquisitions. Mishotah and I took another swing at Scarlet Monastery and I picked up some goodies: Mograine’s Might (my favorite mace in the game, and a staple for Alhazad), along with Herod’s shoulderpiece and his Ravager axe. Now, this gear is really more for nostalgic factor, or my “RP Set” rather than anything needing to level — my Heirloom items still reign supreme in terms of bonuses granted — but nevertheless they are fun to own.

Some spoilers below.

We also finished up in Southern Barrens, and boy was it an explosive conclusion. Gann Stonespire is still on the war path, but we find him gravely wounded and slowly expiring. His last task for us is to infiltrate Bael’dun, the nearby dwarven fortress, and do something he never could fully accomplish: blow the hell out of the place. And so we did. What’s great is that upon completing this quest, you are treated with a little cinematic of Bael’dun exploding! The modeling/terrain doesn’t really change, but boy are there a lot of explosions. Gann held out long enough to see the whole compound burn in a triumphant and yet tristful end to the zone’s storyline. We’ll miss you, Gann.

From there, it was on to Razorfen Kraul. I’ve very little to report here — RFK hasn’t changed much at all, save for the removal of some very memorable (and often frustrating) quests, namely the Bluefen Tubers chain. What has been added is perhaps a very important quest given to you by none other than Agamaggan himself (or rather, his spirit). The Ancient tasks you with killing the crone, Charlga Razorflank, as she has taken his children (the Quillboar) down a dark, maddened path. Perhaps one day we’ll see the return of the Quillboar’s noble qualities? Time will only tell.

Just don’t tell Mankrik that. He’ll never believe it. To him, the only good Quillboar is a dead Quillboar. Alhazad tends to agree.

Completing RFK’s quests earned my 40th level, and I promptly dashed to Orgrimmar to train “Plate Mail” and my new riding skill. I’m a bit of an arms and armor aficionado, and the term “plate mail” chafes me to no end — mail, or maille, is a very specific sort of armor, not interchangeable with “armor” in general, and plate is completely unlike it. Mail has a weave, typically links. Plate is solid pieces of metal. Plate can be worn with chain, but this is not “plate mail” — “plate and chain” might work best there.

Anyhow. Level 40! What a rush. My Heirloom items changed from Mail to Plate, and I learned my new Riding skill. Unlike Level 20’s Apprentice Riding, I had to visit a Riding Trainer to purchase Journeyman Riding — it was not automatically given to me. Not a big deal. In the “good old days” you didn’t get any Riding training for free! And mounts cost a boatload of cash!

And my Great Sunwalker Kodo truly is great. What an awesome mount.

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