Upcoming Paladin and Hunter Changes

Ghostcrawler just posted a huge chunk of upcoming changes and insights into future class balancing. I’ll comment quickly here on the Paladin and Hunter changes; for all else, please visit a site like MMO Champion (http://www.mmo-champion.com) for the run-down.


The biggest news is that Hand of Light as our Mastery is not working out. I saw this coming. Currently, as our Mastery increases our chance to proc Hand of Light increases — which isn’t terrible, but I can see it being very difficult to balance, and there’s also the unpredictability that I mentioned in my earlier Ret assessment. So! They are changing Retribution’s Mastery to simply be an additional % of Holy damage added to our main attacks. The upside is that it also jives better with Inquisition, a buff which amplifies our Holy damage as long as it is up.

Another change is how Divine Purpose works. Basically, they are removing the randomly awarded Holy Power from this, and are instead moving the Hand of Light proc to this ability. What this means is that we may have less Holy Power (on our ‘meter’) to work with as a whole, but Hand of Light is a free 3 Holy Power in itself. I think it should smooth out Ret gameplay a bit; we’ll have to see.

GC also feels Ret’s damage may be a little too low right now, but it is not certain. They are watching it.


There are less specifics here, but Survival spec’s DPS is showing to be a bit too high for the class team’s liking. Beast Mastery and Marksmanship are too low. They will be buffing those two to bring them up to snuff.

As a part of this buff, they will be increasing the damage on Kill Shot, Aimed Shot, Chimera Shot, and Kill Command. I’m glad to hear this. KC hits hard, but not nearly hard enough. Kill Shot feels weak, as BM.

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