Patch 4.0.6 – So far, so good

Just a quick rundown on Hunter and Paladin goodies in 4.0.6 (as of this writing). Another update to the 4.0.6 notes should be coming tonight, with more promised changes.


More Aimed Shot damage. Some Aspects can be swapped while mounted. Deterrence is actually a proper survivability buff now — no more parrying, but a guaranteed 100% miss for melee attacks, and usable when disarmed. Kill Command is 20% more powerful. Kill Shot benefits from 50% more attack power. Master’s Call has a shorter cooldown.

Pet armor has been normalized at 70% of the master’s armor. Chimera Shot received a 20% buff to its attack power scaling. Survival received a small nerf to agility granted by Into the Wilderness (10% increase now, down from 15%).


Crusader Strike will hit for 135% weapon damage, up from 115%. Nice. Divine Plea returns more mana. Retribution’s Divine Purpose talent now grants the old Hand of Light “3 free Holy Power” buff, 7/15% chance to proc on Inquisition, Crusader Strike, Templar’s Verdict, etc, etc. Ret’s Mastery, still named Hand of Light will now deal a percentage of Crusader Strike, Templar Verdict and Divine Storm’s damage as additional Holy damage (this should increase with Inquisition, though I hear this is bugged at the moment).

Big news: all Paladins receive Rebuke as baseline. This is a baseline melee-range interrupt for all Paladins. In place of this talent in the Ret tree, Rets will receive Sacred Shield — when reduced to 30% health or below, we automatically gain Sacred Shield to absorb a certain amount of damage and increase healing received by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds. It cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds, and is undispellable. Also undispellable: Zealotry and Inquisition.

Word of Glory also no longer resets your swing timer.


Those are some hefty changes. Retribution is receiving some “smoothing” of a very haphazard DPS rotation. Beast Mastery Hunters are getting a direct buff via Kill Command. Marksmanship also gets a buff via Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot. Both benefit from the Kill Shot buff.

I’m excited to try out these changes, and I look forward to more changes — hopefully buffs — when 4.0.6’s notes are updated sometime today (1/10/2011).

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