Mind. Blown.

This will be a Hunter post. Sorry Paladins, but the amount of love you’re seeing in 4.0.6 (granted, still in testing) has just been overshadowed by HUNTERPALOOZA.

Arcane Shot just got a 15% boost. Aimed Shot is now doing 200% weapon damage, up from 150%, with a shorter 2.4 second casting time. Beast Mastery is getting 10% more Attack Power from Animal Handler (was 15% AP, now is 25%).

The biggest news of all? AUTO SHOT WHILE MOVING!

Now, I know this is all in testing and can change at any moment. I know. I get it. But damn! That is a huge change! They experimented with this in beta, tying “Auto Shot while moving” to Aspect of the Fox. This was changed to the current incarnation of Fox, which is to allow Steady Shot/Cobra Shot while moving and provide a Focus regen when hit by melee attacks. Now, Auto Shot while moving is back! Conceptually. This may not make it from the Patch Test Realm to Live. But damn!

Even if Auto Shot while moving is again banished to Concept Hell, the other buffs are more than likely going to stick. Beast Mastery needs a buff, and will get it with Kill Command, Arcane Shot, and Animal Handler. Survival’s previous PTR nerfs were lessened somewhat. MM got a little additional boost, too. It is looking like a good day for Hunters!

Plus, think about what “Auto Shot while moving” actually signifies. It may be scrapped, but it shows that the developers are thinking about how to improve Hunters, mainly in PVP. Like I said, this is a card they’ve played before, and it didn’t quite make it then… and maybe it won’t make it now… but we might well get something else that’s just as cool. A note: I do not competitively PVP. I did do a stint in Battlegrounds in Classic and a little in The Burning Crusade, and I would like to get back into the Rated Battlegrounds with some guildmates, but I am not an Arena player nor am I a proficient PVPer. That said, looking at the reports from very adept PVPers I will agree that Hunters need help in this area.

Wow. Just. Wow. I can’t wait to see how 4.0.6 goes. I usually do not bother with PTR testing, but I may just try this out!

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