4.0.6’s Aftermath

I was really looking forward to patch 4.0.6. I could not participate in the PTR, my expectations were all I had to go on. Come release, I’ve found 4.0.6 to be a mixed blessing.

Retribution spec is a big part of this. On one hand, it has more predictability and more reliable damage — Mastery simply adds a percent of Holy damage to our main attacks, and Divine Purpose has been reworked to be the “3 Free Holy Power” effect of old. Our Holy Power generation is locked at 1 per Crusader Strike with no surprises (unless your Crusader Strike is dodged, parried, or misses… then you generate zero Holy Power), so the only procs we are watching for are Art of War and Divine Purpose.

This would be great, if we didn’t have to keep Inquisition rolling. I can’t describe to you how much I hate this ability. This thing eats Holy Power to keep a self-buff running, increasing our Holy damage by 30% for 10 seconds (Retribution only) per Holy Power consumed. It’s a good buff, but I hate how you have to maintain it.

Inquisition would not be nearly as terrible if two things happened: 1) More Holy Power or more Divine Purpose procs, and 2) Inquisition was off the Global Cooldown.

I despise postponing a Crusader Strike, Art of War, Templar’s Verdict, or Hammer of Wrath simply to use Inquisition. It has a terrible feel, being on the Global Cooldown. It slows Retribution’s combat down, since you are effectively doing nothing those 1.5 seconds… and you will be refreshing Inquisition a lot. Those gaps add up.

What compounds this problem is that Retribution has no reliable “gap” period. Between Art of War procing off auto-attacks and Divine Purpose procing off our abilities, we can potentially always have something to react to. With Zealotry and Avenging Wrath changing what abilities we use and when we can use them, it can really hurt to hold off on a Templar’s Verdict because you have to refresh Inquisition RIGHT NOW before it drops off.

That’s enough venting about Inquisition for now, I think. Beast Mastery Hunters have gotten a lot of love in 4.0.6 and I’m very happy to see the changes that were made. I’ll be doing more damage, and that is exactly what I should be doing. Hunter problems in PVP persist, however — I can’t really comment on these, but there is plenty of feedback floating around on the official forums. I can only hope the devs read it and take it to heart.

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