Bite-size Paladinness

Paladins: Fix Holy Power generation
Blizzard: ….
Paladins: Fix Holy Power generation
Blizzard: Lets give them healing talents
Paladins: Fix Holy Power generation
Blizzard: Let’s change their mastery
Paladins: Hey this is nice but we need a more reliable holy power generator
Blizzard: We think Paladins are healing too much with the talents we gave them
Paladin: But what about the Ho-

Shamelessly stolen from a post on the MMO-Champion boards. Oh, DionLight7, you summed things up perfectly.

Blizzard’s first ‘fix’ to Holy Power generation did not make it more reliable, it only made it less chaotic. Now instead of having ye olde fluctuations in our Holy Power generation (spikes and droughts) with the occasional ‘freebie’ 3-Holy-Power-that-are-not-actually-Holy-Power, we have a shiny, new, and very steady 1 Holy Power from Crusader Strike with the occasional ‘freebie.’ That made generating Holy Power more predictable, but it also made it very SLOW.

Retribution feels like it is stuck in molasses at times. I compare directly to my Hunter, who has a 1 second Global Cooldown on most of her abilities and always has an attack she can use – and hey, Focus Fire, a nice self-buff, is even off the Global Cooldown. Ghosteye waits for Crusader Strike to cooldown, he waits for Judgement, he waits for an Art of War proc, he waits for a Divine Purpose ‘freebie,’ he waits for the right time to use Inquisition… and the GCD is sluggish 1.5 seconds, all the time, every time. When a handful of abilities proc or become available, it’s like Christmas… but otherwise, it’s like Snoozeville.

A developer once said “we like having a few ‘gaps’ in the ‘rotation.'” In fact, I think he said “holes” and not “gaps” and I think this fellow was Ghostcrawler. My only problem with this is that if one class, say, a Hunter, can play so fast, why does a Ret have to play it slow?

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