The Perpetual Mend Pet

I haven’t been playing much, lately. After a week (two?) of rest, I decided it was high time to get back on the horse, so to say, and fire up World of Warcraft again. Patch 4.1 had landed, and it promised new experiences in my old stomping grounds – Zul’Gurub – along with a tweak to refresh Zul’Aman as well.

I’ll reserve my opinions on 4.1’s offerings for another post. This entry will be about a particularly hilarious little event that occurred during my regular raid.

My Hunter had been using Dreamless, her ‘default’ pet (a Cat, and a black lion at that) for much of the night. Halfway through Blackwing Descent, I recalled a 4.1 tidbit: all tamed pets would now match the Hunter’s level. I recalled having another Cat, a white lion (complementary to Dreamless) that, prior to 4.1, was ‘stuck’ at level 82… now 82 no longer! With glee, a dismissed Dreamless and summoned Virga.

And to my surprise, my ‘Mend Pet is active’ indicator lit up. But I hadn’t even cast it yet! “Oh… kay.” The indicator remained lit. Minutes passed. The effect was ‘active’ on Virga, with the little “healy” red crosses appearing every so often – this was no Power Auras glitch. Dismiss, re-summon. Still there. What?

Whole lotta mending going on.

(Wheatley-voice) "You are joking! You've GOT to be kidding me!"

I targeted Virga and checked his buff readout. Mend Pet. “7 hours remaining.” SEVEN HOURS?

Yes, Mend Pet was active on my Cat. With a 7 hour duration. I could not re-cast Mend Pet (not that I needed to), and dismissing did nothing. I was wholly amused.

Now, I’m sure Virga’s outright death would have ended the little fiasco, and while Mend Pet is a decent heal it is by no means a grant of invincibility, but nevertheless I wanted to cheekily inform Blizzard of the issue. My GM ticket thanked them for the nigh-invulnerability granted to my pet by patch 4.1, and that I would look forward to similar ‘buffs’ in future patches, tongue planted firmly in cheek the entire time. Surprisingly, my ticket was addressed mere moments later by a GM messaging me. The conversation follows.

22:16 [Krayliss]: Greetings!  This is Game Master Krayliss.  I see you are in Blackwing Descent at the moment.  Do you have time to chat?
22:17 [Tamsinela]: For you, certainly 🙂
22:17 [Krayliss]: I just wanted to let you know that we are aware that abilities can become stuck on hunter pets, and are working on a permanent resolution.
22:18 [Krayliss]: In the mean time, I am going to dismiss your pet for you, and when you resummon it should be resolved.
22:18 [Tamsinela]: Don’t hurry on that, I like the fire-and-forget Mend Pet 😉
22:18 [Tamsinela]: Aww. Ok.
22:18 [Tamsinela]: Nope 🙂
22:19 [Krayliss]: hmm, its still on ther.
22:19 [Tamsinela]: So powerful, it resists even GM control!
22:19 [Tamsinela]: It is running down, as it is 6 hours now, where it was 7 before. So it should expire.. at some point.
22:22 [Krayliss]: I am sorry about the inconvenience, however I’m afraid I may have to try an instakill of your pet.  Tell him I am sorry, and that it will be short and painless.
22:23 [Tamsinela]: Alright…
22:24 [Krayliss]: Actually, Im gonna try something else first.
22:25 [Tamsinela]: Well, Chimaeron killed… me. That might do something. Let’s see.
22:25 [Tamsinela]: Can you instakill the boss for us? 🙂
22:26 [Krayliss]: Sure!  Of course, If I did, none of you would get credit, loot, or be able to continue in the dungeon :0
22:26 [Tamsinela]: Not even if we add you as The 11th Member? Boo.
22:26 [Krayliss]: In the interest of the rest of your raid, I will pass 🙂
22:26 [Tamsinela]: It’s gone now!
22:27 [Tamsinela]: Either something you did, or something Chimaeron did… did it. Or perhaps you are Nefarian, and orchestrated this whole thing to toy with me.
22:27 [Krayliss]: Yay!  I knew if you died it would go away, but was hoping to fix it without resorting to that.  I guess I owe Chimaeron one.
22:28 [Krayliss]: Is there anything else I can do for you while I am here?
22:28 [Tamsinela]: Mystery solved, then. Until Feed Pet gets stuck on and he eats everything in Orgrimmar 🙂
22:28 [Tamsinela]: Nope! Thanks for listening, it has been fun 🙂
22:28 [Krayliss]: Take care and good luck in there!
22:29 [Tamsinela]: thanks 😀

I enjoyed the “hmm, it’s still on there” part, where the GM’s first attempt at removing the buff failed. The more drastic measure, insta-kill, was not necessary, as my group was engaging Chimaeron at that moment… and we wiped. This removed the buff and set things right.

Krayliss was exceedingly good-humored and well-mannered. I thoroughly enjoy it when I can interact with GMs of this caliber, as they show themselves to be easy-going and/or a little playful, altogether human, and not simply robotic ‘help desk’ technicians looking to quickly close the incidents in their queue. A support role like this can be extremely dull.

The only thing I regret is not asking him for a patented “GM Joke.”

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