4.2 Brings the Nerfs

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, since it isn’t personally chafing and therefore doesn’t require a rant.

Patch 4.2 will be nerfing every existing (read: pre-Firelands) Normal Mode raid encounter. Many bosses have had abilities removed in Normal mode, or their durations are shorter (or they are used less frequently), and their damage output is lowered fairly universally by 20%.

Sounds good to me.

My raiding group has been fairly successful overall, but we haven’t downed Nefarian, Al’Akir, or Cho’gall. We’re close. With more time, we could do it — but I’ll wholeheartedly accept a little boost to get us over these last hurdles before we try tackling Firelands.

If you’re bothered by this nerf, feeling that it devalues your accomplishment in defeating these bosses when they were at full power… I have to ask: why do you feel this way? This, like any game, is something you experience in the moment. If you beat Cho’gall a month ago, then congratulations! You did it. Down the road, you can brag to your mates and show them the date on your achievement to prove you did it when it was ‘hard.’ If you’re really into a challenge, the Heroic Modes will be untouched. Do those.

But hey, if it irks you, it irks you. The best thing you can do is un-subscribe and let Blizzard know precisely why you are doing so, then take your money elsewhere.

In my opinion, this 4.2 nerfing is an example of Blizzard doing right by their customers. Which is unlike the previously-announced ‘premium feature’ announced a week ago, where they seem to want to prey upon a customer’s desire to play with their friends. Here, they’re saying “there is new stuff in the game now, so the older stuff is easier to do — go enjoy it” and people will enjoy it. They’ll re-subscribe and raid Blackwing Descent or Bastion, then try Firelands. They will be happy, and feel they’re getting their money’s worth in entertainment.

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