A Long Time Coming…

I’m a bad paladin.

I haven’t been playing Ghosteye for… weeks. I haven’t been playing much of World of Warcraft at all, in fact. I’d log in on Sunday and Monday evenings for my raid, on Tamsinela, and that would be the extent of my involvement.

I decided to give the game another chance, and throw myself back into the fray. 4.1’s ‘content’ really didn’t impress me, which helped put me off to the game overall. With 4.2 coming, however, I thought it a good idea to bring Ghosteye up to speed and remind myself why I rolled a Retribution Paladin in the first place.

And actually, I’m having a lot of fun. Over the course of a week, I’ve polished Ghosteye up right nicely. Go ahead and check his Armory. Ghosteye, Argent Dawn (US). I’ve replaced the last of my greens, got a few more Heroic pieces, and some epics! I’ve tightened up my DPS and put out some highly respectable numbers in my dungeon groups. When 4.2 hits, I hope to get him into raiding on a night or nights when I’m not playing Tamsinela, too.

Also, while PuGing, I’ve experienced first hand exactly how far this game has come since Classic. When WoW launched in 2004, certain ‘constants’ became clear as players picked apart every aspect of the game. Warriors were your best tanks. Priests were your best healers. Certain classes had only one truly viable specialization. Everything felt very narrowly confined, and it wasn’t simply the playerbase that was concocting these ‘rules.’ The set pieces, the gear created by the game developers, were designed to nudge an entire class toward a very specific role.

Fast forward to 2011. My wildly successful Zul’Aman group (first time I’ve had a full clear in 4.1) featured a Druid tank and a Shaman healer. I, a Paladin, was on DPS. In Classic, and even in Burning Crusade, these would be unorthodox choices. That we were blowing through the place like a group of lightning-ninjas, flawlessly from start to finish, just made it all the more spectacular.

So, I have to hand it to the devs for the overall class design they’ve achieved. The diversification is grand. And I also have to salute those players out there who understand not only their class, but their chosen specialization(s) — this is what really adds to a group’s success.

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