The Truth Hurts

I’m the winner of a 72 hour ban from the World of Warcraft forums! I guess the truth hurts. Many forum-posters who called Blizzard out on their catering to investors and shareholders have had their posts removed from the Official Forums, as well.

I admit, what I said was scathing. However, I’m not alone in how I feel. Blizzard is gradually becoming less and less the cool game developer I remember from the 90’s and more focused on their bottom line. The trick is, you can have both — you can be highly profitable and still be awesome to your customers — or you can go the route of EA and Activision and slip more and more cash-grabs into your games/services in an attempt to be ultra-profitable.

I remain a fan of the core of Blizzard. My ire is aimed squarely at their parent company, and I (and many others) believe them to be the source of the nibbling little monetizations that keep creeping into my favorite games/franchises. I don’t blame Morhaime or Metzen or anyone in a blue shirt for what’s going on, really. They have bosses they have to answer to. Contrary to what some may claim, Blizzard is not free of their parent company’s rule — if they were, they wouldn’t have to promise “more content!” to patch the leaky dam during their Earnings Calls. A subscriber loss (now roughly 900k) is putting a lot of unfair pressure on the devs, and I wish they didn’t have to work under an unhappy shareholder’s thumb.

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2 Responses to The Truth Hurts

  1. Glasses Guy says:

    High fives man, I got a 3 day ban from for a thread asking what you would think of if you were a potted plant. (There was a cookie for anyone who got the reference.)
    I agree, Blizzard is a great company, but their parents keep them locked in their room.

  2. ReddMuse says:

    This kind of thing is what irks me most about Blizz right now and it is one of the only things that would make me quit (if it gets really out of hand). I don’t like seeing honest debate and opinions squished like that; feels dirty. Congrats for speaking your mind!

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