RealID Cross-Realm Friend Grouping – Free

After all that hubbub, the feature is live and is free of charge. Good. That’s precisely the way it should be. As long as players are paying a subscription, especially a $15 a month subscription, little features like these should be part and parcel.

As someone on MMO-Champion’s forums posted, “Blizzard should not be lauded for making this free, they should be derided for wanting to charge for it in the first place.” I couldn’t agree more. I believe the pushback from the players definitely changed some minds there at Blizzard HQ, and they repealed any notion of a “premium portion” of this service. At least for now. We may be back to this topic in the near future.

For now, it’s free, it will help players –, friends — play together more easily, and I’m happy.

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