WoW Patch 4.3

The Hour of Twilight patch will be going live soon.

The official trailer is out, too. And you know what? It’s dull. There’s no custom voice-over work. There’s very little “cinematic” quality to it. If you compare this trailer to 3.3’s Icecrown Citadel trailer, you will see how shabby it is. Heck, if you compare this trailer to 4.2’s Firelands trailer, you will see how they missed the mark.

It is simply a “highlight reel” with some text transitions and previews of the raid bosses. The music is good, and that helps get things going, but altogether the effort feels… lacking.

Here is the official trailer:

Strangely enough, there is a “fan edit” of this trailer also on Youtube. The difference is that the fan edit contains voiceovers taken from the Dragon Soul raid encounter, and it layers them into the trailer to give it narration. The difference is astounding. It goes to show you how a little elocution from Deathwing can really set the mood for the trailer, whereas simple music and text doesn’t quite do the job.

Here is the “fan revision.” Consider it SPOILERS since it has audio from the Dragon Soul raid encounter (mostly Deathwing posturing and threatening):

I’m sad to say, that the official trailer lacks the quality I’ve come to expect from Blizzard patch announcement trailers. After 4.2’s trailer (do you remember Thrall’s vision of a wave of fire overtaking Orgrimmar?), this is a step down. And to compare it to another “end of expansion trailer” like 3.3’s Icecrown Citadel? This is truly disappointing. Further insult to injury is how a fan edit can improve the quality with only the addition of existing Patch 4.3 audio assets…

Is Blizzard slipping?

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