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Can’t talk, SWTOR.

I’ve been enjoying SWTOR since Early Game Access began. I’m having a great time, too; it’s fun to play a different MMO after 7 long years of World of Warcraft. SWTOR isn’t perfect. No MMO is, especially at launch. There … Continue reading

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MMOs and the Immersive Story

Here’s something I think Star Wars: The Old Republic gets right, and where World of Warcraft continues to fail: story immersion and the lasting effects our characters have on the game lore. Right along, Warcraft lore and fiction has featured … Continue reading

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If you remember the movie Die Hard, you remember Alan Rickman instructing his henchmen to “shoot the glass!” I’ve been shouting something similar at my monitor over the past few days, during my experiences in the 4.3 dungeons as part … Continue reading

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4.3 Impressions

Rushed. I can rush through my impressions too, and say this: this is far, far, far inferior to the Icecrown Citadel patch (3.3) for Wrath of the Lich King. The Good The End Time dungeon is a fun concept, overall. … Continue reading

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