Karl, schieß dem Fenster!

If you remember the movie Die Hard, you remember Alan Rickman instructing his henchmen to “shoot the glass!” I’ve been shouting something similar at my monitor over the past few days, during my experiences in the 4.3 dungeons as part of Dungeon Finder groups.

“KILL THE TRASH!” Yes, the old past-time of skipping as many “trash mobs” or “trash packs” in a dungeon as is possible is back in full force, despite there being very little trash in any of the new 4.3 dungeons. Truly, the developers were anything but liberal with their sprinkling of these patrolling ne’er-do-wells — they are just few and far between.

And yet, many groups still find the need to bypass even this sparse selection of trash in any way they can, sometimes creatively, sometimes with disastrous results. No, let me change that — often with disastrous results. The tank successfully skirts a group of trash, and a DPS does too. Oh, but the healer didn’t slip by in time and now they’ve pulled. They aggro on the healer and wipe him out, and then proceed to pick off the rest of the group one by one. What started out as a way to save all of sixty seconds of trash killing now results in three minutes of corpse running and resurrecting and returning to the fight. What’s worse? They try to skip them again.

Folks, let me spell it out for you. This trash is easy. You can AOE tank and damage it in most cases, no Crowd Control required. It dies quickly, and hey, it can even drop a few new Bind on Equip items. Everybody loves those! They’re a quick profit on the Auction House.

So please. Please. Do not try to be clever and bypass all or most of the trash. Kill some of it. If it is stalking about right in front of you, or right around where you have to fight the boss, then kill it. Clean it up, and it won’t pull during, say, the Jaina fight and cause a wipe, or aggro on the healer while we’re trying to get to Baine. Because nothing frustrates me more than when people try bypassing everything so they can get their Valor points 60 seconds faster than it would have taken them “normally” — and only end up causing a wipe and dragging out the ordeal even longer than a trash kill would have.

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