Can’t talk, SWTOR.

I’ve been enjoying SWTOR since Early Game Access began. I’m having a great time, too; it’s fun to play a different MMO after 7 long years of World of Warcraft.

SWTOR isn’t perfect. No MMO is, especially at launch. There are a few graphical glitches. Some abilities are bugged in small ways (Smuggler’s use of some abilities from Natural Cover, for example — fixed in 1.02). But the servers are very stable, the storyline is good, the gameplay is solid, and the universe is nicely realized. I’m not going to sit here and be one of those people who say SWTOR is terrible because the air vents in Huttball send you in random directions rather than anything you can “tactically anticipate” — and believe me, I saw that exact rant on the official forums the other day.

I honestly doubt Mists of Pandaria will draw me back to WoW in even a part-time capacity. I’m tired of the fiction there. Metzen, I love you — you are a handsome, creative man with loads of charisma and energy — but you are not a very good writer or storyteller. And Blizzard, you have some of the industry’s top talent — your games look good and play well — but your franchises are getting shopworn, and I’m coming to resent your attempts to monetize your games.

But I digress. Whether or not you’re a Star Wars fan, if you’re looking for a change of pace, a sci-fi MMO, then check out The Old Republic.

My characters are on ‘The Ebon Hawk’ server (US, RP-PVE): Steejans the Trooper (I’ve been reading the Shannara books, so sue me), Cäleb the Smuggler (umlaut means awesome, and I couldn’t get ‘Caleb’ otherwise), and Oreius the Jedi Knight.

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