Common Sense PVP Tips for SWTOR

I’m not sure how many SWTOR players will actually come by this article, but I feel I need to do something to impart a small bit of wisdom to those looking to dabble in PVP.

1. Pass the Huttball

You have an Ability, under your Ability menu, that is called “Throw Ball.” Put this on your action bar. Bind a key to it, even. Whatever you do, remember that it is there. If you pick up the Huttball or are passed the Huttball, immediately assess your situation: are you swarmed by enemies, low on health? Are other players on your team ahead of you (nearer to the destination goal)? You probably should pass the ball to them, unless they have very little health.

Huttball is like Football — the goal is to score points, not to get kills. Get the ball over the opposing team’s line. It really boils down to this: if you’re low on health and about to die, don’t be a hero, look for a teammate to pass the ball to. Truly successful teams blend passing the Huttball with their heals/leaps/gap closers/and other skills to get the Ball Carrier to the goal. Likewise, use everything you have to stop an enemy Ball Carrier in his tracks or throw him off-course.

1a. Know the traffic patterns

This is especially important in Huttball, as you can only take certain platform paths to get to the goal. Expose yourself to the game, and be observant of how the playing field is setup. Traffic patterns like this can only be overridden by certain classes’ gap-closing abilities like Leap, Harpoon, and Rescue.

2. Use Knockbacks

Two out of three PVP Warzones immensely favor knockbacks. In Huttball (The Pit), you can knock your enemies off the platforms and slow or deter their path toward your goal. In Voidstar, you can knock enemies off the bridges or platforms to their immediate demise.

You can also knockback to interrupt or generally sow confusion.

3. Know where the Powerups are, and what they do.

This almost goes without saying, but I see many fellow players neglecting the use of Powerups in PVP. Often, I see the enemy team conversely making full use of these Powerups, so it is doubly frustrating.

There are two “green” Powerups — Health and Speed. Health is nearly a full heal. Speed is a speed booster, like a super-sprint. Know the difference, and know where they live. Know that an enemy low on health will try their damnedest to get to the Health Powerup. Know they will also try to slow/stun/stop you from getting the Powerup yourself.

4. Line of Sight.

Again, I see many enemy players do this, and I can only hope my friendly players are doing the same. Many SWTOR classes rely on ranged attacks to do damage to you. If you put a pillar, barricade or wall between you and them, they cannot see you or hit you. They will have to run up and follow you to again achieve Line of Sight, giving you valuable time to self-heal or even outright escape.

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