The Switch to Mac

I’ve begun moving my day to day computing over to a Mac. The “switch” was born out of a want to familiarize myself with the Apple ecosystem of operating systems and devices, which are becoming a prominent force in the computer industry. iPads have made the jump from consumer device to the enterprise. iPhones are edging out Blackberries. MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Minis are finding their ways into more and more homes as computers and media centers.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Microsoft has a great product with Windows 7. Their Windows Phone offering is also great, too. However, I’ve been burned by them before — I was a Zune customer. I loved my Zune. Then, support for the darn thing started to dry up, rumors that MS would terminate the device completely started to swell… and sure enough, the Zune is now a distant memory. There’s a good chance the Windows Phone platform could go the way of the Zune in a few years. Perhaps not, but with increased competition from Android and the already dominant iPhone… who knows? Windows 8 on the desktop and at the mobile level may be great, or it may be a flop.

I also welcomed a little simplicity into my life. Yes, you can do anything you do with a Mac on a PC… but to accomplish this, you may end up doing more tinkering on the PC side. I tinker with PCs all day at work. That’s already my bread and butter. When I come home, something that “just works” or “works easily” is a great relief.

That said, the Mac OSX platform is a powerful operating system with a great deal of flexibility. I can “tinker” here too. I’ve already had to do so, just a little, to, say, keep my IRC logs ‘backed up’ to my Dropbox folder. I used a sync program; the same program I have used on my PC for the past two years, in fact. That said, I could rely more on an external hard drive and Time Machine to keep my data backed up, and it would do so marvelously… but to get this information into the “cloud” via Dropbox? I had to find a more involved solution. iCloud offered no joy, and really, should it? My goal here was to work with a 3rd-party app, Linkinus 2, and another 3rd-party app, Dropbox. Whenever you start to do something like that, you get into “power user” territory — it doesn’t matter if you’re “PC” or “Mac.”

So, Macs aren’t perfect. No OS or hardware platform is. However, it is overall a joy to use, and I look forward to getting an iPad 3 to more or less replace my clunky laptop, and an iPhone to take over where my Droid X leaves off.

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