I wish I could say “no time for blogging, need more Hearthstone” — alas, I have no beta key, and I must scream.

I am stupidly excited over this game, thanks to the playthroughs I’ve seen on ye olde YouTube. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m no TCG/CCG junkie (I did play a bout of Magic: The Gathering … over a decade ago), but nevertheless this game looks like it could be a heck of a lot of fun, easy to get into, and addicting.

My main barrier for entry on card games has been the social aspect, which has always been daunting to me — I’m not the sort to pack up a case of cards and go jetting about town to challenge total strangers to a duel of the decks. I’d feel far, far too awkward doing anything of the sort, even if it included mingling with some of my fellow “geeks” who I very well could have something in common with. For me, that first step’s a doozy. I might meet a guy or gal who has as much social anxiety as I do, or I might run across someone drunk on their own supposed greatness.

This online CCG, however, is right up my alley. With Hearthstone, there’s just the right level of interaction present — that being, you can greet, thank, and even taunt (good-naturedly) your opponent, but there is no open chat, and no chance to be berated or trolled. Hooray! Games also appear to be quick (from matchmaking to end), and turns are on a strict timer to prevent stalling. Nice.

I’m foaming at the mouth to play this game. The YouTube videos are no longer satisfying me. I need one of those beta keys, fast!

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