About the Blog

This blog will cover the exploits of Alhazad Ghosteye, a Sunwalker (Tauren Paladin) and member of the guild Ani Ayastigi on the Argent Dawn US server. I will be posting as I level Alhazad from 1 to 85, commenting on and recapping the changes made to quests, storylines, and game mechanics in Cataclysm. My focus will primarily be Player versus Enemy content, which includes solo play, dungeons and heroic dungeons, and end-game raiding. I’ll also show a little Hunter love as I play my other character, Tamsinela, through 80-85 content.

Argent Dawn US is a roleplaying server. The majority of my blog posts will be Out of Character, as there is a good chance they will include commentary and insight on broader game mechanics and technologies, upcoming nerfs or buffs, content patches, story speculation and the like. Anything In Character will be tagged as “roleplaying” or denoted in some way, and may include quick observations and thoughts from both Alhazad and Tamsinela. Whole “short story” or “fanfic” posts will also be tagged as “roleplaying.”

The character art in the banner is Alhazad Ghosteye as a Sunwalker, part of a larger piece I commissioned from MaroBot (DeviantArt profile at http://marobot.deviantart.com). The font used is called Stonecross and was downloaded from DaFont (http://www.dafont.com).


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